Girls Health Champions capitalizes on the innate voice and leadership potential of our peer-to-peer trainers ("Champions").

In addition to increasing their knowledge, we ensure our students critically think about these topics and provide girls with strategies to prevent and cope with various adolescent health-related challenges. We also hope to teach them invaluable skills such as leadership and effective health communication.

Ultimately, our Champions will educate others in their schools and communities and lead by example when it comes to proper health practices. 

Here are some of the voices of our Champions:

“Our world is not very healthy. I am proud to be a Girls Health Champion to teach others the right information.”
“Everyone should know what problems girls are facing nowadays with menstruation. Everyone should understand that [menstrual] periods are not a problem but are a normal function.”
"I'm going to improve my own nutrition by eating nutritious food properly, drinking plenty of water and taking Iron Folic Acid tables. I'll influence others to follow it."